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Welcome to the Website of Romantic Suspense Author
Alison Chambers. 

An association management and communications executive, she's been writing since she was a teenager after getting hooked on Nancy Drew stories.  

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Prisoner in his Arms

This is the sequel to "The Secret Sentinel" you've been waiting for!

Lexie O'Shea is kidnapped by masked men who give her ten days to find the mysterious Virgo Stone or her father will be killed along with her fiancee and terrorist attacks will be unleashed upon the Capitol during the Presidential inauguration. 

A sexy masked bodyguard accompanies her on the hunt.  But is he only her jailer or something more? And what strange secret does the Virgo Stone possess? They embark on a dangerous journey following a series of cryptic clues as the clock ticks away to a shattering, heart-pounding conclusion.

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Gunfire erupts on a Chicago sidewalk and controversial secretary of State Henry Landis lies bleeding from an assassin’s bullet.  But who really pulled the trigger?  GLOBAL magazine reporter Stephanie Bosworth Thornton, fears the worst when her dying father tells her the President was responsible.  She threads her way through a labyrinth of mystery, danger and romance searching for the truth.  On the way, she meets handsome Danny Flint, but wonders if he is only using her to cover up his own involvement in the crime.  

Stonewalled by government officials, threatened by renegade CIA agents, and even the President himself, Stephanie is caught up in a dangerous web of intrigue that spirals out of control as the story hurtles to its startling conclusion, one almost everyone nearly overlooked.


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Hunky Trey Zacco, gritty survivalist and host of the Miami-based Holiday Channel’s hit "Wildman" series and glitz and glamour girl, Erica Kingsley, host of the channel’s "Lap of Luxury" show, are thrown together in the steamy jungles of Belize as a publicity stunt. Erica’s father, Arthur Kingsley, the owner of the Holiday Channel, has proposed the angle, not only to boost ratings, but also as a way to toughen up his spoiled daughter. And Kingsley wants them to search for Montezuma’s lost gold.

Zacco cannot hide his resentment at having to
share the spotlight with the flighty fashionista Erica and locks horns with her every step of the way even as both try to ignore the strong physical attraction growing between them.
But when Arthur Kingsley’s plane crashes in the jungle, Trey and Erica launch a desperate search to find him. And when, one by one, members of the camera crew are killed and the equipment sabotaged, Trey and Erica find themselves stranded in the middle of the jungle where no rescue crew can reach them. 

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in e-book format 

FIVE STARS: "Excellent writing! Enjoyable hero and heroine! Great romance! Fast pace! I read it straight through! Author thorough in research! I lived the experience!"--A reader on Amazon.com

FIVE STARS: "Erica Kingsley, a twenty-nine year old spoiled woman had to be taught a lesson and her CEO father planned with the help of her ex-lover to do just that! Does Ms. Chambers hold her readers captive with a book that you just can't put down and gives her opinion on where the king's daughter buried his gold! From the descriptions of the jungle, the visions fairly leaped off the pages and I can't wait to read her next!"--A Reader on Goodreads.com

FIVE STARS: "A Wild Sultry Ride! Wonderful, action-packed story! I was completely lost in the author's words. Ms. Chambers created quite a world for us to lose ourself in. The chemistry between Trey and Erica is fantastic. With curves, twist, romance and action. Take the chance, The Montezuma Secret is well worth your time."--A reader on Amazon.com


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Three lost keys to untold riches. Three cryptic rhymes. A secret society's deadly plot.When museum curator Savannah Rutledge steals her father's treasure map to impress her boss, Winston Gale, and his handsome son Eric, she unleashes a Pandora's box of horror. Her father is killed and she is framed for murder. To atone for her father's death, she sets off on a cross-country chase for the treasure that ends with a dangerous showdown in the Superstition Mountains near Phoenix. To get there she and a sexy stranger, Antonio Desada, follow a perplexing trail of clues that lead them to the keys that will unlock the mystery. Constantly moving, they must elude the police and the vicious Gales, hot on their trail once they realize they're missing a critical part of the map. Seductive and mysterious, Desada also provides the keys to a treasure of another kind. Will Savannah find the treasure—and love--before it's too late? 

FIVE STARS AND A TOP PICK FROM NIGHT OWL REVIEWS--"I loved the characters and the perfect blend of romance and suspense.  Ms Chambers takes us on a wild journey...the background story is wonderful...This is easily a book I would enjoy sitting down and reading again.  I for one hope that Ms. Chambers decides to make a series from this tale.  The Secret Sentinel is a wonderful read and I highly recommend it.  Look out Nora Roberts...there's a new author on the horizon."

FOUR STARS FROM THE ROMANCE STUDIO--"The constant action and adventure made this a very enjoyable read.  If you loved the movie 'Romancing the Stone' this book will be a treat for you."

RT Book Reviews magazine--"Deception is the watchword in Chambers' thriller.  The action is fast moving and the characters intriguing."-RT Reviews

NIGHTS AND WEEKEND REVIEWS--"A wild mixture of National Treasure and Indiana Jones."

5 of 5 stars
GOODREADS--"Savannah Rutledge Unlocks Pandora's Box When She Takes Her Father's Secret Map And Loans It To Her Boss For Display For A Southwest Fest And To Save Her Job, But Instead Of Crowing With Delight She Was Running For Her Life With Murder Charges, Her Disabled Father Murdered, And A Zorro Stranger Kidnapping Her!
A One Hundred Year Old Secret Has Been Released And It Refuses To Get Back In The Box!"


"The Secret Sentinel"  Available from www.thewildrosepress.com 
Experience the treasure hunt of a lifetime! 

Judged as one of the best by www.seriouslyreviewed.com  
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